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What is Alea Iacta Est Universal?

You may know us as Alea Iacta Est, one of World of Warcraft’s largest guilds before the Catacalysm where the gubmint broke us up citing anti-trust regulation. A sub-culture movement formed before things went pear-shaped in Azeroth and took to the stars seeking an environment where the gubmint works for us, the markets are free, Alliance is not a dirty word, and OMG lazors.


It should be noted that AIErs new to space might find it a tad cooler than Azeroth. We don’t mean only that lazors > daggers, but that it’s chilly. We don’t mean only that it’s colder than a sun-reflecting planet surface but the other people here want to murder you usually in cold blood. Now, yes, our technology will make you immortal, but your financial assets not so much.

You will never be perfectly safe. You will have an alliance of thousands, who actually like new players, backing you. The corollary here is that the harsh environment (physically, politically, economically) will find you surrounded by saltier individuals.

AIEU has a corporate policy which still upholds the tenets of the original WoW guild, fostering the same community environment save for the fact that family-friendly is not very much high on that list. In fact, we restrict membership to folks 18 or older.

The Specifics

AIEU Logo.png
Alea Iacta Est Universal [AIEU] (Dotlan)
"What could possibly go wrong."
BRAVE Collective [BRAVE] (Dotlan)
Stigg Cooperii
Drewson Houten
Lanctharus Onzo
StupidGenius Charante
Orsalis Cain
Kuda Timberline
Razhoff Darksand
PVP(ie getting blown up in fun and hilarious ways)

We Want You!

Since space is full of spais, deceit, and pilots out to get you (and us); our members enjoy a community that supports each other in a very much us-versus-them attitude where the us is a strong bond and the them is everyone that wants to come and micturate on our promised land (by which we mean whatever galactic backwater our alliance has set up shanty town of cardboard boxes and plastic tarps in at the moment) or happen to currently own any promised-land-annex we haven’t gotten around to yet.

So, how do you make sure you are not one of them? Join us or one of our allies, but really join us. The process of joining is relatively simple, by EVE Online standards.