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| honorary= Sir
| full_name= Kelvin Daromith
| game_name= Daromith
| guild= Alea Iacta Est
| image= File:Daromith.png
| title= of the Undercity
| race= Undead
| gender= Male
| class= Mage
| profs= Tailoring Enchanting
| age= Unknown
| height= 5'10"
| weight= 120lbs.
| eyes= None
| hair= Rotten Blond
| skin= Rotten Tan
| assoc=[[Hit It And Crit It|Hit It And Crit It]]
| birth= Lorderon City
| home= Undercity
Daromith is played by Kevin Cudmore, otherwise known as Kilo2436.
== Past Life ==
Daromith is no spawn of the Lich King, nor The Banshee Queen, but a spawn of the arcane, the raw power every Mage wields.  In his past life, Kelvin Daromith was a very rich and powerful man, though kind and generous. He took part in many festivities and celebrations, cooking and preparing the activities, yet there was always something he wanted to do. Most of his life was fulfilled, he owned the most magnificent estate anyone had ever seen and all the money anyone would ever need, yet his heart still beckoned for something, and he could not control it. Through his travels with his Elf friend Soulsbaine, the Hunter taught Daromith of the arcane world and ancient powers it held. Daromith studied the arcane, though no book in his library bestowed upon him the information he pleaded for. One day Daromith was walking down a road, and saw two men trying to make off with a woman, tied up with roped and potato sack over her head. Daromith reacted without thinking, he ran down the ally and throw the hardest punch he could at one of the men. He missed. The men laughed at his futile attempt to stop them. They laid the woman down and glared at Daromith before charging him. Daromith knew he was in major trouble, and before he could even think, his hands started to glow a deep blue. He stuck his hands out and felt a massive energy exit his body through his palms, in the form of a huge Icicle! With both of the men frozen in place, and a bit shocked himself of what had just happened, untied the woman and let her go.
Two years later Daromith and the woman are married with a daughter. With that space in his life filed, Daromith was almost satisfied, yet he still furiously tried to learn of what happened to him that day in the ally. Finally though, on his daughters 12th birthday, Daromith received an old tome from a mysterious man, clad in brown robes and hood. His life was sealed that day, once he opened that tome, read the first page, and spoke the words engraved on the cover, something happened.
The sky blackened as a giant boulder came splitting through the sky, plummeting towards the Daromith estate. On impact, everyone was killed, disintegrated from the flames. Daromith rushed outside the ruins of his Manson, protected by his underground library, weeping on the losses of his family, and spoiled early by the explosion of the boulder. Born by the rock, an imence creature emerged, black with green fire coursing through it like blood. Daromith, fearing for his life, ran. He gave quite a chase for the infernal, yet it cornered him, sending him up his house to the roof. Daromith was trapped. As the infernal climbed the house, Daromith thought to himself in broken thought. As the monster rose into sight, Daromith remembered the day in the ally and the overwhelming energy in his body. Suddenly, his eyes and handed started to glow a bright red, a burning red. The infernal was standing almost right in front of him now. He remembered his wife and his daughter, and a single tear dripped down his cheek. With a single scream of rage, Daromith threw out his palms to the monster and released the rage and energy pent up inside of him, overwhelming the infernal in a massive blaze of fire. Scorched by the flames and overcharged, the infernal, once again, plummeted to the ground, this time, shattering into a million pieces. Daromith, completely drained of energy, staggered off into the far off village, collapsing near the inn.
After around a year of recovery, Daromith joined the local military seeing as there is nothing else worth living for, and also maybe to train his mind as a Mage, learning that there were more of his kind. He stayed, waiting for the Third War to commence, where he would finally die, once and for all.
{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" align="right"
! [[File:DaromithH.png]]
| align="center" | Daromith as his posh, Human self.
== Against the Lich King ==
It seems like every hero now-a-days is helping people, killing creatures, or gathering loot. Only heroes who are dedicated fighters, AND willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, are fit to hunt the Lich King.
Daromith, in his human form, was getting old before the entire scourge invasion, in fact, he faught in the starting of the the scourge invasion. That is where he died, alone, in the mud. He WAS killed by Arthas, yet before the Prince of Darkness could morph Daromith into a rotting mass of flesh, he was called away to Northrend, leaving Daromith alone.
After what seemed like an eternity, Daromith's arcane spirit awakened and brought the broken Mage back to life, only not as a human, but as an Undead! Surprisingly enough, he was not under the Lich King's control, nor under Sylvanis'. Daromith was an entity of the Arcane, free of all restrictions. Being ripped of life and anything he ever loved, Daromith made it his one mission to bring down the Lich King.
== In Combat ==
Like all Mages, Daromith makes quick work of his foes. He does not believe in mercy. Born by hate and malice, Daromith will kill anything he does not care for. Yet, in some situations, if one of his allies is in trouble, he will help. But enough of his combat ethics, Daromith is a broken Mage, taught by himself from a tome given to him by a mysterious robed man. His power is not weakened by this fact, yet is in fact strengthened in his power to unleash attack after attack. The only downside to this is that he drains his energy quickly, leaving himself vulnerable to any attack, the only discipline he owns is that of a Berserker, fierce, and absent-minded.
== Associates ==
Daromith, in his new form, perishes the thought of ever having new friends. In his past life, Daromith was one of the richest men in all of Lorderon. He knew many men and women, all who were killed by his side, not to rise along with him. A tribute to:
* Soulsbaine - A Night Elf that Daromith met prior to the scourge infection. The wise old Elf Hunter trained Daromith well in his human form, teaching him of patience, wit, and ancient arts. Through the Third war, Soulsbaine and Daromith were set to the same battalion. On their very first mission in the effort to combat Archimonde, Soulsbaine was killed by an ambush of Gargoyles. To this day Daromith still remembers his best friend Soulsbaine.
* Bruncey - Bruncey was a Paladin, a sworn believer in the light. Though not very smart, Bruncey's strength made up for his lack of mind. Always humbled by Daromith, Bruncey was his faithful companion in life. On the day of reckoning in the infected castle city of Stratholme, Bruncey selflessly shielded Daromith from an Abomination's brutal strikes, whispering in his last breathes that it was to prove his loyalty to his mage companion.
R.I.P Soulsbaine and Bruncey, we will find you.

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