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=== Tailoring ===  
=== Tailoring ===  
Captain:  Chill
Captain:  Skroob
* Send Linen, Wool, Silk to ???
* Send Linen, Wool, Silk to '''Skroob'''
* Send Mageweave and Runecloth to ???                    
* Send Mageweave and Runecloth to '''Skroob'''                    
* Send Netherweave Cloth to ???
* Send Netherweave Cloth to '''Skroob'''
* Send Frostweave Cloth to ???
* Send Frostweave Cloth to '''Skroob'''
* Send Embersilk Cloth ???
* Send Embersilk Cloth '''Skroob'''
* Send Windwool to ???
* Send Windwool to '''Skroob'''
* https://docs.google....JTZDIyUXc#gid=0

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Interested in donating materials for the next Craft Faire?? The most current list can be found here: http://forum.myextralife.com/topic/46856-please-donate-your-extra-mats-to-the-upcoming-aie-craft-faires/

Here is the list of bank alts, as of June 6, 2013:

Please note: Captains and alts change each Faire. If you have problems sending materials to anyone listed below, please send them to Seriewa.

Many of the Profession Captains maintain spreadsheets with links to them in their individual profession posts so it is easy to see what mats are most needed.


Captain: Nevermore


Captain: Elcarth


Captain: Bragi

Elemental mats and Volatiles

Captain: Syreyne


Captain: Friarfatbear

  • Send mats to Friarfatbear (Bind on equip disenchantables too)


Captain: Alachaas

First Aid

Captain: Arrgbuckle


Captain: Open position

  • Send mats to ??


Captain: Aerwen & Aldebaraan


Captain: Mkallah & Tetsemi


Captain: Vikkela

  • Send Ruined Scraps thru Heavy Leather and Hide to Viklero
  • Send Thick and Rugged Leather to Vikmara
  • Send Knothide Scraps, Knothide Leather and Fel Scales to Vikanoris
  • Send Borean and all Cata mats to Vikteka
  • Send Sha-Touched & Exotic Leathers to Girlie
  • https://docs.google....ZYby1FRnc#gid=0


Captain: Brithael


Captain: Skroob

  • Send Linen, Wool, Silk to Skroob
  • Send Mageweave and Runecloth to Skroob
  • Send Netherweave Cloth to Skroob
  • Send Frostweave Cloth to Skroob
  • Send Embersilk Cloth Skroob
  • Send Windwool to Skroob