Built Horde Tough

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Built Horde Tough is currently in a recruiting process, and will soon be recruiting with a new name, days, and times. please visit our old forum post for any updates on the team. @ http://forum.myextralife.com/topic/28060-built-horde-tough-official-thread

Built Horde Tough

We are casual 10 man raiding group with progression as our main focus but we enjoy having a good time. Currently we are in the process of gearing up for Cataclysm Raiding, and will head into Blackwing Descent and move on from there as our gear gets better.

If You Are Interested in raiding with us please head over to our forum post @ http://forum.myextralife.com/topic/28060-built-horde-tough-official-thread

Raiding Schedule

Monday's and Wednesday's 9:30pm to 12am server.