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Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Druid
Professions Inscription Enchanting Cooking
Guild Alea Iacta Est


Bactatank is the black sheep of his family. The only Tauren to go cow tipping. He is a bit daft and easily distracted. He was sent off to train in the ways of the Druid because of how far Moonglade was from Thunder Bluff. During his training he choose the route of restoration. During a conflict with members of the Alliance Bactatank was turned into a sheep. His health increased greatly and he was able to win the battle after the sheep effect war off. Believing Elune unlocked a new shape shifting ability Bactatank had made it his personal mission to seek out the hidden Druid Sheep Order. Bacta wants to learn their ability to shift into the form of the Sheep and unlock its healing properties. Will sometimes speak in rhyme because he thinks it gives his spells increased power. He has taken on the professions of Inscription and Enchanting. When asked why he picked professions that aren't compatible he just says I have friends in Hidden places MOOO!!

Under The Helm

Bactatank stands at a proud 6 feet 5 inches. Bactatank enjoys learning new things and is a bit stubborn. When he gets his mind set on something it is hard to get him to stray from that path. Bactatank is a bit of a hippy and tries to keep in tune with the Earth Mother as much as possible. Bactatank has had difficulty trying to discover who he is and is known for constantly changing his specialization. Currently Bacta is speced DPS Feral (0/54/7); but his true love lies in the Restoration Tree. Is known to say what is on his mind in rhyme...from time to time.

Character History

Bactatank draws his name from the healing liquid of the Star Wars Universe. There was a time when Normal to PVP transfers were not allowed. I wanted to see what the AIE community was like before I committed and moved Hiddenbank off a PVP realm. Thus Bacatank was born. When I want to take a break from Tanking I hop on Bactatank and sit back and cast heals. Bactatank is probably my least complete toon. While his primary professions (Enchanting and Herbalism) are near maximum level; Cooking, First Aide, and Fishing aren't nearly as developed. Bacta is a Boomkin and Dual speced as a Tree.

The Puppet Master

I've been playing WoW since December of 2006. WoW is my first MMO. I started playing because of the South Park Episode Make Love Not Warcraft after discussing the game with a friend. My original server was Executus where I still have my first main Hiddendeath. After having my guild split apart over and over I was looking for another place to play. Hearing the praises of AIE on the Instance I decided to try AIE out. Earthen Ring and AIE have been my home ever since. In real life my name is Reginald (User:Hiddenbank) and I live in Charlotte,NC. I can be contacted at or look me up on Facebook Reginald Carson II.