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The Floor Tank
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Mage
Professions Enchanting Tailoring
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Undercity Debt Collectors,Insane Horde Posse

The Physical

Though she claims to put little stock in appearances, Alludra is constantly changing her hair style and color, proving that she is in fact a female Blood Elf. Alludra also has quite the wardrobe and dress collection and personally feels that it is a travesty that we all must dress alike to prove that we are able when raiding.

The Personality

Aloof and introspective, Alludra is mostly a student of the histories. Constantly seeking out areas of historical interest, she can be seen making notes or even traveling through time to see important events in Azrothian history unfold. Strong willed to the point of stubbornness she is determined to become a part of the histories for future generations to study.

Though it is against her nature, this desire has led to her working quite hard to become well known throughout the various factions across the continents of Azeroth and the Outlands.

An avid collector of noncombat pets, she has a rather impressive collection. She is also a bit of a stickler for raiding etiquette, though she knows how to have a good time.

The Story

A born student, Alludra spent most of her early life immersed in studies of the histories of Azeroth. Eventually she realized that history was still unfolding around her and joined the call to arms wielding her arcane powers in her quest to become part of the histories, her new goals going beyond simply being a student. Her travels have taken her far and wide over Azeroth visiting historical ruins and sites that were once merely words on a page.

During her travels she has not only mastered the use of Arcane magics, but of frost magics as well, (she cares not for the flame wielding arts) and uses her magical skills to cut down her foes without a second thought, and has been known to exercise these skills on battlegrounds.

Thoughout her travels she has found several of the smaller residents of azeroth to her liking (or in some cases, they have found her to their liking and she has collected quite the menagerie. Most of the pets in her collection have names, though depending on the time it took for her to acquire them, they may not all be said in polite company.

The Real Life

The player behind Alludra is nothing near quiet or as reserved as the mage she plays. In fact getting her to BE quiet should be a feat of strength.

'Alludra the Mage' creates and produces two podcast segments, as if to prove that she can't be quiet even when out of vent!

Also, please note, I do not RP but feel back story is fun when creating a character.


Alludra's Pets
Mannerly Mage
Geek Bebop (cohost)