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Rodin Call to Arms.jpg

This add on has been discontinued. It was a modification of a popular add on called Call To Arms, but with new expansions, and more tools in game for grouping, it is no longer used, and we are discontinuing providing it or supporting it.

The source for the add on still resides in a SVN repository at .


The aieCalltoArms add on was converted from the popular addon Call To Arms, by AIE guildie, Ciladarie, and supported through several versions/expansions of WoW. Later Xcamr, worked to modify aieCallToArms to work for the Cataclysm expansion. The final version was R4.0.8.0.

Explanation on how to use the add on is in the Quick Guide to aieCallToArms, which we are keeping around because is is such a pretty example of a user's guide. :)