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Instructors are asked to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Instructors are asked to have 2 education runs per week at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Instructors can also compile and author relevant information on the Instance School wiki page.
  • Instructors are asked to join the Instance school mailing list as a way to communicate amongst the other instructors.
  • Instructors should actively post in the Instance School sub forum
  • Instructors are expected to post their planned session in the sub forum.
  • Instructors are expected to follow the basic guidelines for their class instruction as posted on the wiki page.

Not sure where "office hours" should go. Maybe on the classes page? -- Deci

Greca - (office Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays: midnight-2:30am server)

Warak - (Office Hours: Thursdays and Saturdays 10pm-12am server)

Grimcairn - (Office Hours: Monday & Thursday 8pm-10pm server)

Cheledril - (Office Hours: Thuesdays & Thursdays 4pm-6pm server)

Bouvi - Information and Addons instructor.

Removed the previous lists, put them into sections and converted into a table instead. I hope that's okay. -- Deci


Character Spec Class Profile
Mazrith Survival Hunter n/a
Cyrashin Fury Warrior n/a
Greca Combat/Subtlety Rogue n/a
Warak Elemental Shaman n/a
Lanctharus Retribution Paladin n/a
Cheledril Retribution Paladin Cheledril
Chugguda Unholy Death Knight n/a


Character Spec Class Profile
Ludanne Holy Paladin Ludanne
Deciorcsha Restoration Shaman Deci
Warak Restoration Shaman n/a
Abovan Restoration Druid n/a


Character Spec Class Profile
Kichelle Feral Druid Kichelle
Grimcairn Protection Warrior Grimcairn
Lanctharus Protection Paladin n/a
Warakk Protection Warrior n/a
Alachaas Protection Paladin Alachaas
Servillia Protection Warrior n/a
Cheledril Protection Paladin Cheledril